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"Our Rural house El Bressol de Cal Feixas" (The Cal Feixas Cradle) is a vintage country house, with a capacity of 8 to 10 people, with a truly unique charm, located in a small rural area of the "El Solsonès" region. It is completely restored, with all the comforts, but respecting all the architectural details of its origin, dating from 1686. It has an area of 280 m2 and is the oldest part of the house called Cal Feixas, which has passed from generation to generation to the present. The stone walls in some cases exceed 1.5 m in width, which makes the feeling of living this space really unique.

The Building

The ceilings are authentic, with beams that have more than 3 centuries in some cases and with brick round vaults from the time in others. It has 2 fireplaces with a great charm and an interior courtyard with a barbecue. All rooms have a bathroom with all the accessories. There is a extremely well-taken care lighting with alabaster lamps and with indirect lighting points. The kitchen has all the appliances and is located in a way that is very practical for the occupants. There are corners of a great originality with rustic furniture that ensures a great comfort and a unique experience.

The House

"The rural house el Bressol de Cal Feixas" is located in a small rural village called Freixinet de Riner of approximately 10 houses, most of them from the XVI and XVII centuries. The environment is very virgin and has not undergone major changes over time. There is an old church dedicated to Sant Cristòfol, a sports center and a social place.

The Town

An emblematic place that gathers remarkable religious and artistic values, with the “Miracle” Virgin Church that contains a truly exceptional baroque altar, a Benedictine Monastery, a Spirituality House, Rooms and a Great House that was an old hostel for the reception of pilgrims. A place to enjoy from tranquility and reflection.

El Miracle

The Cardona Castle, founded by "Guifré el Pilós" in 886, was the official residence of the Lords of Cardona between the 11th and 15th centuries. From this fortress, they controlled the valley of the Cardener river and, above all, the Salinas Valley of Cardona, the basis of the wealth of a family known as "the rich lords of the salt." Such was his power that in the fifteenth century received the title of Dukes on the part of the Catholic Monarchs and they were considered like the most powerful noble house of the “La Corona de Aragón”. During those times they received another nickname: "the kings without crown". Inside the castle there is the exceptional collegiate church of "Sant Vicenç", jewel of the Romanesque Lombard Catalan.

The Cardona Castle

Guests can enjoy the tranquility and charm of a fully-equipped vintage house and they have wifi service, daily newspapers, change of clothes during the stay and cleaning during the stay. and they can contact càtering services. In addition, as leisure activities, they can hire horse trips and bicycles.



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El Bressol de Cal Feixas
Casa Cal Feixas
25290 Freixinet de Riner (Lleida)
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